The Nightlight Switch is a member of INNCOM's Decorator Switch family of lighting control products. This switch directly controls a lighting load of up to 400 watts and incorporates an energy efficient nine-segment LED array for low light level illumination.

The Nightlight is equipped with two buttons, one controls the main light and the other controls the Nightlight. Both the main light and the Nightlight can, separately, be toggled on and off or dimmed to a level selected by guest.

Additionally, each button on the switch is equipped with a color LED that acts as an indicator/pilot light when both the main light and the Nightlight are turned off.


The LED Nightlight is automatically turned on when the main light is turned off. The guest then has the ability to dim the Nightlight or turn it completely off. When the main light is turned on the Nightlight is automatically turned off.

If the Nightlight is connected to the room automation system the main light (controlled by the Nightlight) will gradually dim down, over a designated period of time, and turn off when the room becomes unoccupied. When the main light turns off the Nightlight automatically turns on providing a sufficient amount of illumination to avoid an unsafe condition for a person remaining in the bathroom undetected by the motion sensor.

In many cases the Nightlight provides ample illumination eliminating the need to actually turn on the main light.


The Nightlight Switch is most commonly used in bathrooms to provide a low level light source for guest convenience and safety. It can also be used in other areas of the guestroom to provide a pleasingly soft illumination for guests who prefer not having total darkness in the room.

It can be used in a standalone application or can be a member of the room automation system. When coupled to the room automation system the Nightlight can be controlled remotely by the guest or by Hotel's integrated automation system.


  • Energy efficient LED reduces operating cost

  • Configurable for dimmer or toggle control

  • Separate control for both main and Nightlight

  • Built in Nightlight and main light control

  • Standalone or system application

  • Automatic ON when main light is switched off

  • Integrated indicator/pilot LED on buttons

  • IECC code compliant

  • Integrates with other INNCOM devices and systems

  • Custom colors available


  • Model number S217.NL

  • 100-120 VAC, 60 Hz

  • 400 watt dimmable load

  • 500 watt switched load

  • Dimensions: Designed to fit in US standard size electrical boxes - Requires Phase, Neutral and Ground to operate

  • Accepts standard Decora™ cover plates

  • Rated for incandescent, fluorescent and transformer loads

  • UL approved