Welcome to INNCOM international, inc.

INNCOM develops, manufactures, and markets advanced guestroom control and energy management systems for the global lodging industry. Founded in 1986, the Company is the world leader in this rapidly growing market.

INNCOM systems are installed in more than 2,000,000 rooms worldwide. Our clients range from the most prestigious 5-star hotels to specialty limited-service properties.

The Company pioneered wireless infrared control technology for hotels, as well as the integration of multiple functions on a single, centrally monitored and controlled system. Our unique "building block" architecture allows hoteliers to select and implement features most appropriate to their needs.

System capabilities include unparalleled energy management, guestroom occupancy monitoring and reporting, central electronic lock control, doorbell/do-not-disturb/make-up-room annunciation, and patented infrared lighting control.


INNCOM is a privately held "C" corporation founded in 1986. The Company's corporate offices are located in Niantic, CT.

Business: INNCOM develops and markets advanced, software-based guestroom control systems to the global lodging industry. It is the acknowledged world-wide leader in this rapidly growing market. Since 1986, its systems have been installed in more than 2,000,000 hotel rooms. High-profile sites include the St. Regis and the Essex House in New York, Grand Corso in Vienna, Le Meridien in Beverly Hills, Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, Opryland in Nashville, Alvear Palace in Buenos Aires, Renaissance in Sao Paulo, Ciragan Palace in Istanbul, Atlantis II, Atlantis III and the Cove in the Bahamas and the Taj Palace in New Delhi. Historically, sales represent a strong blend of domestic and international business.

Markets: INNCOM's core business is guestroom control systems for the global lodging market. The Company's technology can be directly applied in several related markets, including universities and health care facilities.

Product & Technology: INNCOM has developed and markets a broad range of intelligent devices. These are combined in various ways to provide integrated systems for DDC energy management, on-line electronic lock control, guest (end-user) interfaces and operating enhancements for housekeeping, security, minibar restocking and other hotel staff groups. INNCOM systems provide highly effective remote control of virtually every electric appliance found in hotel rooms, including lights, HVAC, TV, telephones, and drapes.

Principal characteristics of INNCOM systems are:

  • Easy-to-use human interfaces

  • Advanced multi-tasking software

  • Seamless integration of telecommunications and control functions

  • Patented infrared control technology

Strategic Partnering: The Company has strategic partnering arrangements with Johnson Controls, Saflok, TimeLox, Bartech and a number of major players in the global lodging market.

Management: INNCOM's management team includes business professionals in finance, sales, and systems development with an aggregate experience base of more than 20 years in the lodging industry.

INNCOM is the established leader in the hotel market, with proven product and technology.

Experienced hardware/software engineering team with unique skill sets in:

  • Integrating telecom and control functions in high-benefit systems

  • Designing and developing advanced, easy-to-use human interfaces

  • Proprietary base of advanced software and patented infrared control technology