INNCOM provides a fully automated guestroom control and communication system for the lodging industry.

In addition to real-time control of energy usage, the system is used to gather and manage information from intelligent INNCOM devices installed in guestrooms. This data is automatically processed by advanced INNCOM software to generate historical trends and reports for use by housekeeping, engineering, security and other hotel staff.

In many cases, no wiring is necessary if a spare pair of telephone wires is available. When needed, wiring can be installed either with INNCOM's low-cost, twisted-pair CINET daisy-chained between rooms, or by using standard CAT-5 Ethernet cabling to guestrooms.

INNCOM's INNcontrol II™ runs on a PC under Windows 2000, XP or Vista. The INNcontrol II™ server supports any number of existing PC terminals within the Hotel over a conventional (usually existing) TCP/IP or Ethernet network.

INNCOM's IINNcontrol II™ has been interfaced to virtually every major Property Management System (PMS). Additional interfaces to POS, BMS, PBX, and other systems are also readily implemented, as necessary.