The S-Series Light Switch is a member of INNCOM's Integrated Room Automation System (IRAS). The S-Series consists of various models of S217 light switches that are capable of directly controlling a single light load of up to 400 watts dimmable or 500 watts non-dimmable. An S217 switch can be equipped with up to 5 buttons to meet application specific requirements. Additionally, each button can be equipped with an LED indicator or pilot light, depending on the assigned function. The S-series Light Switch can be used in a standalone application or integrated with the IRAS using low voltage wiring (S5 Bus) or wirelessly using infrared or ZigBee RF technology.


The S-Series Light Switch is designed using momentary contact switches that provide a tactical response when pressed. Switch button functionality can be identified with an icon or text. Buttons are also equipped with an LED that can be configured as a pilot light to provide visual orientation in a dark room, or as an indicator light to show button status (i.e., activated/deactivated). When a dimmer switch is used, a quick press of the button will toggle the light ON or OFF. When the button is pressed and held, the light brightness will ramp up or down depending on the configuration. When a light is toggled ON or OFF, the switch slowly ramps the light on or off providing a "soft" response to the function being performed.


The S-Series Light Switch is often used to control a switched light, or group of lights, on a single circuit. This is generally accomplished using a single button configuration. Alternatively, the S-Series Light Switch can be configured with up to 5 buttons, each of which can be assigned values or functions for controlling the light connected to the switch. Brightness levels are the most common use of this feature. When a multiple-button S-Series Light Switch is a member of the IRAS, any button on that switch can be configured to control lights or functions associated with any other device that is a member of the IRAS. Master ON/OFF and light scenes are typically used in this case, however functions other than light control, such as DND and MUR, can also be assigned to these buttons.


  • IECC code compliant - Master ON/OFF

  • Wired or wireless communication

  • Integrated indicator/pilot light LED on switch

  • Multi-button functionality

  • Configurable as a dimmer or toggle switch

  • Configurable for light scenes

  • Controls devices other than lighting

  • 3-way/4-way switch capability

  • Provides power for other INNCOM devices

  • Standalone or system (IRAS) compatible

  • ADA capable for hearing impaired

  • Custom colors available

  • Ideal for retrofit


  • Model number S217.xx

  • 100-120 vac, 60 Hz

  • 400 watt dimmable load or 500 watt switched load

  • 500 watt switched load

  • Dimensions: fit US standard size electrical boxes

  • Requires Phase, Neutral and Ground to operate

  • Accepts standard Decora cover plates

  • Rated for incandescent, fluorescent and halogen loads

  • UL and FCC approved