An important benefit of installing the INNCOM INNcontrol™ central network is online lock control. By adding a small infrared transceiver in the ceiling near the entry door, two-way, real-time communication is established with each lock. The INNcontrol™ is then interfaced with the lock-control PC, to establish a powerful, fail-safe central lock-control system.

The benefits are many, including:

  • Elimination of incorrect key-card issuances

  • Simplified guest check-in procedures

  • Centralized staff and guest card cancellation

  • Real-time tracking of hotel employees

  • Detailed, unlimited-access audit trail

  • Automatic time synchronization of all locks

  • Door-ajar and forced-entry alarms

  • Card cancellation upon check-out

  • Remote late check-out key-card extension

  • Greater guestroom security

The electronic locks used with INNCOM's centrally controlled system have a small, factory-installed transceiver that is not visible to guests. Locks that are compatible with INNCOM's system include:

  • TimeLox

  • VingCard

  • Saflok

  • Sargent