Beyond energy savings, the greatest advantages of INNCOM INNergy solutions are flexibility, expandability, and system integration. The e4 Smart Digital Thermostat can be used as a direct digital control (DDC) thermostat, as the heart of a standalone in-room energy management system, or as the key guestroom element of a powerful energy management system.

Centrally Controlled Energy Management

Linking all guestroom thermostats with INNCOM's INNcontrolTM provides more powerful energy management and many additional capabilities.
Expansion options include:

  • Remote room occupancy indication

  • Remote HVAC control

  • Guestroom HVAC diagnostics

  • Peak demand load shedding

  • PMS/BMS interface

  • Automatic lighting control

  • Remote mini-bar access reporting

  • Remote smoke detector annunciation

The INNCOM e4 can replace virtually any existing thermostat currently in use. It has the unique ability to directly control almost any HVAC fan coil unit (FCU), packaged terminal air conditioner (PTAC), or other unit types ranging from 24V to 277V, without additional relays or transformers.

With the addition of a passive infrared (PIR) motion sensor and door switch, the e4 becomes the brain of a highly efficient standalone energy management system. Without compromising guest comfort, guestroom energy costs can typically be reduced by 30% or more. And, when integrated guest status controls are added to the e4, even greater guest convenience and staff efficiencies are achieved.

By connecting to INNCOM's INNcontrol network, the true energy and cost-effectiveness of the INNergy solution is realized. With an e4 networked to a centrally controlled system, the hotel gains the highest level of energy savings with a feature-rich energy management system for both local and remote control of guestroom HVAC equipment and devices.

For areas with high labor costs or restrictive electrical codes, installation can be wireless by using INNCOM's patented IR and/or RF technology.

Additional expansion options include:

  • Room occupancy status reporting

  • Automatic lighting control

  • Mini-bar access reporting

  • Smoke detector alarm reporting

  • Central electronic lock control

  • Guestroom control amenities

Digital Thermostat

Advanced aesthetics and functionality provide guests with accurate fingertip control of room temperature. Standalone Energy Management

Energy costs can be controlled by activating programmable temperature setbacks when guestrooms are not occupied.

Expansion options include:

  • Room occupancy status annunciation

  • Automatic lighting control

Energy Management with Integrated Guest Status Controls

Adding "Make-Up-Room" and "Do-Not-Disturb" buttons on the e4 and connecting those to INNCOM's elegant INNtouch plates at the entryway provides guests with greater convenience and helps housekeeping staff work more efficiently.
Expansion options include:

  • Automatic lighting control

  • Localized mini-bar access reporting