INNcontrol II Central Interface Network (CINet) Central Ethernet Network (CI-ENet)Radio Frequency (RF) Mesh Network

INNCOM provides a fully automated guestroom control and communication system designed specifically for the lodging industry. In addition to real-time control of energy usage, the INNcontrol II system is used to gather and manage information from intelligent INNCOM devices installed in guestrooms. Data is automatically processed by advanced INNCOM Client/Server software to generate historical trends, reports and data for use by housekeeping, engineering, security and other hotel staff. In many cases, no wiring is necessary if a spare pair of phone wires is available. As a wireless option requiring minimal installation, the INNCOM RF mesh network may be an ideal solution. In situations where a wired network is preferred, options include INNCOM's twisted-pair CINet daisy-chained between rooms or standard CAT-5 Ethernet cabling, DSL, or LRE.eless INNcontrol II provides the gateway and backbone for Central Electronic Lock Control (CELS). Using a seamless interface with the guestroom lock, INNCOM provides the communication link between the lock in the guestroom and the central server giving the hotel real-time, bi-directional access to the lock. INNCOM is the established leader for providing CELS communications.


INNcontrol II runs on a PC under Windows 2000 or XP Server. The INNcontrol II server supports any number of existing PC terminals within the Hotel over a conventional (usually existing) TCP/IP or Ethernet network.

Once INNcontrol II software is loaded on the terminal computer, central control functionality and data from the system are made available from a user-friendly, graphical interface accessed via an INNCOM icon on the desktop.

Developed specifically to serve hotel management needs, INNcontrol II software is highly sophisticated, yet is intuitively easy to use by hotel staff. Furthermore, using the e4 Smart Digital Thermostat as a remote brain in each guestroom, the INNCOM system minimizes installation costs. At the same time, the inherent expandability of the e4 provides great flexibility in terms of tailoring features and options to each property's needs.

For example, it is easy to install e4 thermostats initially for standalone guestroom energy management, add options as needed, and later integrate all into a centrally controlled system connected to and controlled by INNcontrol II network.

This expandability feature allows properties to maximize equipment investment, work within budgetary constraints, and ensure expansion capabilities as needs and growth demand.


INNcontrol II software is highly versatile and includes the following key features:

  • Real-time room status information

  • Room and property energy trend data

  • Alarm reports for malfunctioning equipment

  • Instant control of temperature setback parameters and other system settings

  • On-line diagnostic/preventative maintenance

  • Interface with most PMS, BMS & other hotel systems

  • Automatic load shedding & peak algorithms

  • Remote Internet access via standard dial-up modem or INNI



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  • HIS

  • Galaxy

  • SMS


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  • D I FAC S

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