The e4 Smart Digital Thermostat is a powerful, expandable multi-purpose device. Its core is a DDC illuminated thermostat designed to control virtually any fan coil unit or packaged terminal air conditioner found in hotel guestrooms. It includes five relays and optional on-board infrared (IR) transceiver and passive infrared occupancy sensor (PIR). When coupled with INNCOM's wireless magnetic door switch, the e4 becomes the brain of a low-cost yet highly effective stand-alone energy management system for guestrooms.

Connected to INNCOM's low-cost CINET with a pair of low voltage wires, an even more powerful, centrally controlled EMS package is created. Further, the e4 is readily expandable to include functionality such as humidity control, outside temperature display, minibar access reporting, occupancy reporting to housekeeping, automatic control of lights and much more. It can be controlled remotely either by infrared or low voltage wiring.

The new, patent-pending ecoMODE option is activated by pressing the green button on the e4 Smart Digital Thermostat. This action will allow guests to participate in your property’s commitment to environmental sustainability. The activation of the green button relaxes the temperature band by a few degrees, which reduces energy consumption while still providing a comfortable environment.


In its most basic form, the e4 functions as a high quality DDC thermostat, automatically adjusting fan speeds and valves to achieve set temperature. In its EMS mode, the e4 receives inputs from its PIR and INNCOM's wireless door switch. When it determines that the guestroom is unoccupied, the temperature is allowed to drift up or down within a programmable setback band in order to save energy.

As part of a centrally controlled system connected to INNCOM's CINET, substantial additional energy savings are achieved by using a broader setback band when the guestroom is unrented.

The on-board IR transceiver is used to enable the e4 to be controlled by INNCOM's Guestroom Digital Assistant (GDA), Designer and Decorator Series programmable switches and to control lamps which have INNCOM's L206, L207 or L208 Lamp Control Modules installed. In addition, the e4 may be used to receive other inputs from, for example, a balcony door, a minibar or a smoke detector.


The e4 is wired as any line or low voltage wall thermostat with either 6 or 7 wires, depending on fan speed requirements. Total installation time for both the e4 and INNCOM's wireless door switch is typically less than 45 minutes per room. Adding the CINET for central control requires additional time.


  • Dimensions: 4.7"W x 4.7"H x 1.2"D.

  • Operating Range: 41°F to 149°F.

  • Power In: 120V, 30 mA, 277V, 15 mA 24V, 100 mA.

  • Output Relays:
      ° Fans (2) Rated at 1/4 HP @ 220VAC.v
      ° Fan (1) Rated at 1/2 HP @ 220 VAC.
      ° Valves (2) Rated at 1 AMP, 120-277V.